Wednesday February 22, 2012 at 10:19


I know that I have not been writing on here as much as I would like to with work and travels and everything but believe me, I have the desire to whenever I can! 

I’ve been discussing the concept of connections and how it really is a small word with some people in Louisville, Nashville and at home and to me, that is one of the coolest aspects to the music industry. Through travels and making friends, I’ve found that people are connected in really cool and weird ways and I love finding out who has relationships with who and what could come about because of them. I feel like this has  big implications for the future.

There are some really cool things happening in music with people who want to spread Love and Hope and are relating to people with real truths that are applicable to their walks and their hearts. Those artists make me really excited and they are a big reason why I went to school for what I did (media management). I feel like the artists that pursue these bigger truths can change the world and are bringing Hope to people and spreading awareness of need and something bigger. Some artists who I’ve been excited about are Neulore out of Nashville and Twenty One Pilots out of Columbus. They are very cool people doing some very cool and exciting things. 

Some thoughts for this lovely day in Nashville.